Thursday, November 24, 2005

Where to put the sci-fi?

I generally think the argument that the UK is more literate than the US is overblown. That said, you don't see that many newspaper articles like this one here in the States. The author describes her problems in arranging the books on her bookshelf. Does she put the high minded titles out for all to see and more questionable ones in the bedroom? Does she alphabetize, or categorize? What makes the grade for the living room?

I will soon face these challenges as we move back into our old house. I am sure I will end up hiding my genre books from guest's eyes unless they my copy is a class-conferring trade paperback. We used to alphabetize the fiction and organize the non-fiction, but then after the kids arrived all the books would be re-arranged on a daily basis.


Charlie said...

I have found that alphabetizing my roomful of books is a masturbatory exercise. After spending a week rearranging several bookcases I bought a book by Edward Abbey. Back to square one, kids, and another week of rearranging . . .

I have concluded that alphabetizing works for those who only read "Z"-monikered names.

Tripp said...

Very true, but blogging is masturbatory as well. And so is..uhm...right.