Friday, November 04, 2005

PDX Candy Peeps

A banner day in PDX candy. I went down to Haggen to check their supposedly kick ass candy bins. Holy fuck, it rules. They have all the boring usual suspects, but also Zagnuts, Tootsie roll fruit twists (I realize I am alone on thie one), dark chocolate espresso beans, jelly bellys and more. All this in the grocery store. Downside is that all the Haagens are in the darkest burbs, but if you are out there anyway be sure to stop in. I didn't see any cameras so I bet you can sneak some.

Not only did I spy the bins of plenty but I also picked up the Kit Kat Mint. I guess my emailing about new flavors worked! I was quite excited and enjoyed it very much. Sure it is just a regular Kit Kat with peppermint oil in the chocolate, but haven't we all been waiting for a minty Kit Kat?

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