Friday, November 04, 2005

Some kind of monster

I just finished Some Kind of Monster, the Metallica documentary. The movie follows the 700+ day process of the making of St. Anger. It says quite a bit about the movie that I loved it despite not really liking much Metallica output since the Black Album. The focus is on the interaction between the band members, which includes a group therapist (at the astouding cost of $40K/month). The making of the album must have cost an ungodly amount of money. The new bassist Rob Trujillo got a $1M signing bonus, for example. I didn't like the clinical way the songs were created, it was like Photoshop rock or something. Pieces were taken from numerous takes and assembled into a final creation. Maybe that's how everybody does it, but I doubt it.

Since the DVD is out you get a zillion extra features. I recommend the visit to Kirk's house, which is crazy and features lots of skulls and dead animals, as well asa really strange section where Kirk goes to traffic school. If you have ever lived in California, you may have had to go to traffic school. If you don't your insurance sky rockets, but it is amusing that someone as hugely rich as he chose to spend a Saturday there.

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