Saturday, November 12, 2005

Brief Broken Social Comments

Well Broken Social Scene was good. It was the opposite of the Arcade Fire show I saw in DC, where it started very well but collapsed under all the change-ups. This time, it started messy and built to a great finish. Feist opened and then she came out for the second half of the BSS show. This was probably the highlight. My fave song Cause=Time was only so-so, I am sad to say. They have a new female singer who did in fact sing Anthem for a Seventeen Year Old Girl. Issac and Joe from Modest Mouse appeared in the encore and played Out of Gas with BSS. That was sweet. These guys are really big on the banter, apparently some kid in the audience bummed $8 off the singer for parking, not realizing he was the singer of the band. This led to a story mid-show.

The crazy PDX indie dance lady was there, but she did not seize control of a giant portion of dancefloor real estates as is her usual move.

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