Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm mad, revenge

I am reading David Bowker's How to be Bad. At this point the bad seems to refer to both evil and badass. The main character, Mark, gets involved with an ex- girlfriend who gets him to start killing people. Mark begins the book as a very 90s sensitive type who collects books about men by men (like High Infidelity and Iron John). His evil ex shapes into a real man through a series of killings. His girlfriend's enemies retaliate against him in a number of ways which increase his desire for vengeance. It is quite satirical and very funny. It is also a quick read. Bowker has a number of other books under his belt, maybe it is because he is British that I have missed him up to now.

If you like Elmore Leonard which often includes lots of death (although usually of bad people) while also being humorous, then you might also like this guy.

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