Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm gonna learn ya my philosophy

Went to see Metric last night at the Doug Fir. Metric was great, really energetic. Emily Haines can get a lot more crazy than she can in BSS. The Doug Fir is a great place to see a show, as it is very small. The upstairs bar is nice as well, it is like a yupster version of Government Camp. What excited me most was the fact that the two West Coasters with whom I went out actually drank.

Now I love the West Coast, I like the attitudes I like the landscapes, but when it comes to going out, West Coasters need to STEP THE FUCK UP. You just bring a night out up and the pissing and moaning commences. The excuses flow like Nile but usually involve something weak like getting up early. The worst response is I just don't have the time. NO, you CHOOSE to not make time. It's like books. It drives me nuts when people say they have no time to read. Then stop doing some other shit you are doing and pick up a book. It's the same thing as exercise, you make the time. I will admit that reading and exercise are "healthier" than going out and drinking Jaegar Bombs, but the problem is the same.

What's worse, if you manage to get them out, West Coasters are damn scared of a buzz. They drink one beer, maybe two and then act as if they will be table dancing if they have one more. Now I am not advocating going crazy. You don't have to throw chairs around while singing Misfits songs. There's no need to get thrown out of a bar for having sit up contests. But cut loose, just a little, please, West Coasters.

This is not meant as an attack on the people I regularly see. Most of them can step to the real. It's a broader cultural problem.


Brack said...

Umm, without dwelling overly much on the youthful indiscretions of a certain Neill B. Kirk, was it the sit-up contest or the snorting of salt at the table that led to the ejection from the bar?

Tripp said...

I think the salt let to the booze being cut off and the the falling out the fire alarm door while sitting up that led to the ejection.