Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dark tide rising

Dark chocolate is really making inroads into the broader market, even Hershey's is putting out a high end bar. They cost $2 , putting them in the Lindt league, but below the boutique-y brands. If Hershey's is getting in, maybe we will see a resurgence of dark chocolate across the board. It could be like Starbucks. Instead of driving out independent coffee shops, Starbucks seems to create a new demand for high quality coffee, which leads to towns having more shops. This could also happen with dark chocolate. Hershey's is pushing the anti-oxidant story with these, since the buzz is dark chocolate is healthy. That may be why they are including blueberries in one of the bars. I also think this is a big "How ya like me now?" to Cadbury's the Fruit and Nut of which only has raisins.

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