Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Geeks, your day has come

Melissa received her copy of Feast for Crows yesterday which means I have to wait, and wait. If you are familiar with the books, you have already ordered it, I wager. If not, check out Game of Thrones. Yes it is fantasy, but like Dune, the focus is less on the fantastical elements (there is little magic for example), but more on the medieval politics of families at war. Martin also avoids a number of genre cliches and problems. He doesn't mind killing major characters, the "evil" side in the conflict is presented in a such a way as to make their actions sympathetic, and the good side acts as people with interests, not as do-gooders. It is massively addictive stuff.

I imagine that Martin will spend the money from this book on his castle and knights collections. More power to him.

Be sure to click on both the Feast and Game of Throne links above. The Feast for Crows cover is understated and could be a book about any number of things. The Game of Thrones cover is clearly geeked out fantasy and will be somewhat embarrassing to tote around. Alright, you will feel like a big geek carrying it around. The new tasteful cover approach extends into other genres. Slate argues that Diana Gabaldon's A Breath of Snow and Ashes is a romance hiding behind a staid cover.

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