Saturday, November 19, 2005


If you read Candyfreak, you saw that the Goldenberg family was considering selling their company, the one that makes the peanut chews. Well they did, which is all well and good, I imagine they want to retire and the candy biz is a tough one. Unfortunately, those that acquired the rights to the candy renamed them Chew-etts, which isn't even a fucking word. Anti-semitic to drop Goldenbergs? Maybe. Ridiculous? Yes. To go with the change, they made this Gen Y web site (apparently Chew-etts are the official candy of the Dew Action Sports Tour. Huzzah. )

It is interesting to note that on the Powell's site, those who bought Candyfreak bought a guide to homeopathy. I thought the homeopaths stay the hell away from super sugary treats.


jo said...

Okay, I've never had a Peanut Chew, but what gives with the name change? I checked out their site and... yikes. Anti-semetic revisionists! I suppose "Goldenbergs" probably just sounds too safe and accountant-y for an EXTREEEEM SPORTS snackfood. Chew-etts? I will refer to them as "Jew-etts" in protest, and so shall we all. Take back the Peanut, Jew!

Tripp said...

I intend to head to my local candy vendor today. Once there I will rap my cane on the counter and call out "Young man, I demand all of your Jew-etts! That's right, your Jew-etts. I feel the need for peanut."