Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Matt + God Warrior + Metric

Matt is posting a song a day, he's a blogging madman. The first song is Motherfuckers don't Cry. Nice. There is also a new podcast with a few nice ones on it. The best is probably "The Damn Insane Asylum," definitely listen to that one. I dug the Minmae song, if you do too you will be happy to hear they are playing a free show at the Doug Fir next week. Free show means more cash for your Jaegar Bomb drinking. More Jaegar Bombs will make your pick up lines that much snappier.

The God Warrior just plain bummed me out. Her crazy rejection of anything even slightly different from her own viewpoint even freaked out her family. The poor kids looked so traumatized. And no doubt the other woman will see all the nasty things said about her and her dark-sided ways. I was going to say that undereducation has something to do with it, but I think she is just a nasty person. It was probably edited to make it look worse, but sheesh.

Did I link to Metric's Glass Ceiling? The studio version is good, but the live version includes gigantic drums and much angrier guitar playing. Guess you will have to go see them.


mattmlpdx said...

Well, you, Tripp, are indirectly responsible for the mp3 a day. I looked into getting listed on Hype Machine, and they want to hear only from mp3 link sites with frequent updates. So, there you go. I do think it's a fun idea, though, and it doesn't take too much time. I'll build up a week or so of history before attempting Hype Machine.

Brack said...


I second the comments re: God Zilla; she was like something out of the Crucible. I guess she stopped reading when she finished the OT, 'cause she seems utterly devoid of nearly every attribute to which Christians (I thought) were supposed to aspire: charity, forgiveness, mercy, humility, u.s.w. The words of one Jello Biafra come to mind: "in a real Fourth Reich you'd be the first to go!"


Many thanks for the tremendous site and great podcasts. Although the 804 has birthed some decent acts (GWAR and NBK's fave Lamb o' God come to mind), I was overjoyed to learn about the Prids given the New Order/Joy Division jones I acquired in high school.

Tripp said...

I sort of thought that the crew must have been chumming her with stuff to drive her mad, but the way in which she reacted was all her.

Can't wait to see PDXbands on Hype Machine!