Monday, November 14, 2005

If it gets really, really bad

Yes, I know my regular readers are also regular Pitchfork readers, so this is semi-pointless, but Pitchfork is jumping on the worst covers ever bandwagon. The commentary is often more about the record than the cover and it is the usual snarky indier-than-thou. So as you might guess, the focus is on indie rock, but they also diss some rappers, some arena rockers and the Dead. Terrapin Station gets mocked, but hey that's an enjoyable record. I was playing once in 89 and it drew a hippie into my room. So maybe I it's a bad record. Quasi's Hot Shit also gets made fun of in a very strange way. Nothing else I liked gets the finger though.

One can hardly talk worst record covers without this classic list. These albums covers are truly bad. Need to blow about 20 minutes? Then look at this MASSIVE list of bad covers in categories like the God Squad, When Sex Rears It's Very Ugly Head and Gay and Lesbian Village.

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