Saturday, November 12, 2005

Better comments on BSS

OK, so blogging post-show at 1Am is not a great idea. Anyway, here are some more focused thoughts on the show

1) It's nice to go to a show the genre of which is well represented in your town. Then the guest appearances really take off. I recall a Quasi show where Elliot Smith hopped on stage. At a recent Iron & Wine show, Janet Weiss took over the drumsticks for a song. So the Modest Mouse-Broken Social Scene combo was part of a general, but wonderful trend. If you live in Richmond, VA I wager you will have to attend underground metal to get a similar effect.

2) There was some indication that the Feist-Scene connection may be ending. They would probably get another female singer as they did when Emily Haines became Metric centric. In a Menudo like way, they could be incubating tons of Toronto talent!

3) The show was of near GBV duration. If you go, get some rest during the day.

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