Friday, November 18, 2005

The deaf, the queers and the Marines

So I went to guerilla queer bar in DC. Good times, good times. The bar hit was Finn MacCools down in SE, not far from the Navy Yard. The normal gig is that a passle of gays descend on a straight bar and suddenly it's all house music. OK, not really. The bar was near the Marine Barracks so there were plenty 'o leathernecks, many of whom skeddadled upon seeing the man loving hordes. For some reason Gallaudet was representing, so it was also deaf city. Myself and my new friend Katie helped the deaf order some drinks. It's all about the love you see.

Prior to going all Ho Chi Minh, we went to another bar that had a scene one cannot find in the PDX. The bar was gay, middle class black and yupster all at once. Diversity is the rule down in the SE.


John Mitchell said...

Only in Near Southeast, dear. I.e., the Hill.

Tripp said...

True, true John. One would not have the same scene in Anacostia for certes.