Friday, November 25, 2005

That's what the fuck life is... one vile fucking task after another

Or at least so it seems sometimes. Today I had to rush finish painting the house. Painting walls is so bad that it makes we want to find new substances to abuse. Tomorrow we unpack the truck. We as in me and my equally out of shape friends. I hope we aren't cursing one another by the end. I'll probably start smoking, drink too much and get in a fight at a strip club. Oh sorry, that was my bachelor party. I'll have to try something better.

On the happy side, we just caught Walk the Line. Hats off to Reese and Joaquin for some excellent acting. Reese creeped me out a little since she looks EXACTLY like my sister in this movie. Normally they are slightly similar, but this was eerie, as in why is Johnny Cash hooking up with my sister?


Brack said...

I hear the director's cut will feature a scene w/ June Carter Witherspoon, Jennifer Connelly and a roomful of old men in suits cackling "Cash to Cash!"

Try not to picture your sis in that mix, as jibblies will ensue.

Tripp said...


A very nice conflation of substance abuse, Johnny Cash and Reese. Well played Braxton, well played.

Yes I will not consider Caroline in said mix as I will probably needs meds in that case.