Sunday, November 13, 2005


With no grad school reading lists hanging over my head, I now have lots more reading time. Rather than give Powell's all my money, I head over to the Hollywood branch of the library. Today I got Midnight Mass by F. Paul Wilson. The intro note states that he wanted to see more crazy violent vampire stories like 'Salems Lot and no more fey vampire stories like those Anne Rice things. The Amazon reviews note that he clearly is referencing the excellent I am Legend. If you've not read it, go get it right now. It concerns the last human in a world full of vampires, which you have to admit would not be a great thing to be. You may recall the weak movie version called the Omega Man. The only item of note from that film is Charlton Heston's sweet interracial lovin'.

F. Paul Wilson may be best known for the Keep, made into a not great sci-fi movie. He is also known for his culty Repairman Jack novels. Jack is a combination McGuyver, Van Helsing and John E. Badass who deals with toy stealing scoundrels and beasts from alternate dimensions. The novels are trashy as all get out, but can be exciting if you like that sort of thing, like I do.

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