Sunday, November 13, 2005

Let's get this over with, I'm drinking in an hour

So I forgot the iPod today. Not a big deal normally, but you see, I was painting. Lots of boring white walls. So instead of quietly weeping to Death Cab or zoning out to Hovercraft or rocking out to Metric, I just thought "Painting sucks, painting sucks, painting sucks." Sure, I could have done something productive with the brain cycles like thinking of something more interesting to say right now. No such luck friends.


Brack said...

NB told me that he used to conjugate Latin verbs during swim practice. You could try that next time, but make sure you don't accidentally summon anything from the Nether Realms.

Tripp said...

You mean I go all trance like allowing the dark forces to take over my voice box and I inadvertently speak the fell words that bring a mighty unholyness down on 97213?

Yeah, that would be bad.