Sunday, November 20, 2005

Roses really smell like boo hoo hoo

With all the Guerilla bar excitement, I seemed to have missed the blooming of the corpse flower in DC's botanical garden. I rather like the Post description of the flower's aroma "reminiscent of long-dead rat with just a hint of brie." People are lining up to take a whiff. When I heard about it, I cursed my bad luck at missing my chance. There is something strangely compelling about bad smells. Maybe our hyper-clean society lacks range in the stink department. Or maybe we are all still adolescent. I used to think this was a guy only thing as in "Dude, this reeks! Smell it!" But no. I have found chicks exhibit similar behavior. One female friend tried some dubious Czech candy and said "It tasted like ass. I'm saving one for you so you can taste it too." Nice.

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