Monday, November 28, 2005

Give me something to stop the bleeding

Man, my shit sucks right now*. I'm not going to go all weepy on you, but let's just say if things can go wrong, they are. The next step would be a bio-terror attack on PDX. What is amazing is that David Rakoff's Don't Get Too Comfortable has me laughing out loud. The people around me at Cha Cha Cha were getting a little nervous what with all my titters and guffaws. Being paint covered and unshaven probably didn't help.

The book is marketed as trenchant analysis of the foibles of the upper middle class. There is certainly some of that in here. Rakoff gets sent to fashion shows, to be a waiter in a South Beach hotel and to ride the Concorde. He also goes on midnight treasure hunts and ponders the mystery of the Log Cabin Republicans. Rakoff is the sort of person I with whom I like spending evenings (yes, yes, ha-ha). He is articulate, cutting, observant and self deprecating. Some find him overly snarky, but he isn't cruel, at least to my reading. Only downside is that the book is short and you magazine readers may have hit some of these essays in the past.

*No interventions kids, it is all stuff that will pass, but sucks severely at the moment.


Brack said...

T Spot, you should fetch yourself some Kipling. Nothing like a spot of colonialist apologetics to buck one up. What hey?

Cheers, Old Bean.

Tripp said...

Indeed, I think a bit of the white man's burden would go nicely with the day's events. By Jingo!