Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The kids came in hordes last night and I ran out of candy. I didn't even get the non-costumed, bored looking fifteen year olds. I am sad to report that I learned too late of the spate of religious candy available for Halloween this year. This ecumenical list has candies aimed at Christians, Jews and Muslims. The latter was described as Islamolicious. Who wouldn't want some of that? I'll tell you who, the God Warrior. Don't forget, she's on TV tomorrow night.

Also missing Halloween this year were the Brothers Chap, makers of the Homestarruner cartoons. Their annual Halloween toon came out early this morning. The fun in these are the random pop culture references. I won't tell you my fave (so as not to spoil it) but I was happy to see what may be the year's only Thundarr reference. I re-watched the earlier "House that Gave Sucky Treats," which is also interactive and features Cherry Clans.

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