Thursday, November 10, 2005


Belgravia Dispatch recommends Adam Gopnik's now prescient piece on "pre-revolutionary" France. It does shed some light on what is happening over there now.

Gopnik wrote From Paris to The Moon a few years back. While it is mostly about living in Paris as an ex-pat, it has some of the best writing I have seen on what it means to be a Dad. So much of the writing on fatherhood is mawkish crap or sadly reflective stuff about failing to live up to some ideal. This book talks about the day to day experiences in a non-sentimental but still moving way.


Anonymous said...

just read a good article about what's going on in France by a reporter who lived there for many years. More background than I've seen in the American media about the historical context of the riots:

I also loved From Paris to the Moon - the chapter on trying to find a gym to exercise in is hysterial.

Tripp said...

I think France is kinda hosed. They need to get the job creation thing really moving.