Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two paths for cartoonish rockstars

Here are two very different trajectories for two of our most cartoonish rockers.

First, Rob Zombie, he of the large hats and penner of Superbeast has of course gone the film route. He is putting the ultraviolence of the Devil's Rejects aside for his new one. He is working on a re-imagining (don't call it a remake!) of Halloween. The first one of course. Although who wouldn't want to hear Zombie's take on the Silver Shamrock song?

Then we have Danzig, master of eeeeeevvvvilllll, and man who should not antagonize much larger dudes, has gone a different way. Yes he still makes albums with crazy Satanic names like I Luciferi and Circle of Snakes, but it takes your evil down a notch when you make little dolls of yourself. They come in Misfits, Samhain and Danzig. Why not buy all three? Oh right, because they cost $70. Each.

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