Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More good news

My favorite Stephen King story (either in short story or novel form), The Mist is being made into a movie (you have to scroll down). I was worried that this excellent tale would be given to some horror hack, but my hopes are raised by the fact that it will be helmed by the director of the Shawshank Redemption. Here, the director discusses his intense and long-standing interest in doing the movie.

If you've not read it, lucky you, you have a great read in front of you. The story is set in small town Maine. A man notices an odd mist coming across the lake but thinks nothing of it. He heads to the grocery and finds himself, and others, trapped. Oooooo I can't wait.


lisa_emily said...

Holy Crap! They were going to make a movie based on Halo? That's weird.

I wonder when King writes now, if he visualizes the story unfolding like a movie. Is he the most movie-translated author of all time or what?

Tripp said...

Well they tried to film Doom didn't they? I think Castle Wolfenstein would be a better choice.

I imagine King does, the recent works have been a bit slimmer. Cell, by the way, reminded me of the earlier works, to which I am biased.

lisa_emily said...

As for King- I confess! I have not read anything by him for decades. And what I ahve read has been so little-! I remember reading Thinner and being highly disturbed, I can never view strawberry Pie the same ever again.

I had to look up Cell- at first I though you meant that crazy film with J-Lo that came out 5 or 6 years ago. Bow that movie terrified me- I had to walk out of the theatre half-way through and I have never been able to get the balls to watch it again....I guess I'm a wuss!

Tripp said...

You didn't miss much with Cell (the movie.) So don't be too hard on yourself for that one.

Cell the book is good, esp if you like the new crop of Zombie movies.