Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Do your eyes glaze over when talk of fantasy football arises? Do you pine for a way to set your favorite Senators against the rest of the elected rabble? Well get excited, because now you can play Fantasy Congress. I am ashamed to admit I don't know who I would pick, although I am happy to see that the top scoring member is Virginia's own John Warner. The wicked Rick Santorum is number five, but not for much longer! You get points based on how far your Congressional team can push legislation through the process. I suppose you could sign up all your local people and see if they are getting anything done.

If all that requires too much thinking and stuff, maybe you should consider Def Con, the game with the happy subtitle "Everybody Dies." The game is a nuke fest designed to look like the WarGames computer. Here's a screenshot, it's going to get hot in Boston. It's a multiplayer megadeath fest, which may not be for every taste.

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