Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sweet, sweet beer

Powells has a review of a new history of beer. The review opens with this:

There is a myth among us beer snobs about the history of beer in America. It goes something like this: everyone used to drink full-bodied beers up until prohibition. After prohibition, the big brewers took over the industry, flooding the market with weak beer made more from rice than barley, because rice is cheaper. They aggressively drove everyone else out of business, and so now Americans drink this limpid swill because they don't have a choice. It makes a great story, particularly for fans of hearty ales and microbrews. The only problem is, as Ogle lays out in this fascinating history, the myth is almost completely untrue.

Well I totally bought into that story. Who knew? The author will be speaking at Powell's Hawthorne on October 17.


Anonymous said...

Man, Ive gotta revise Beer School at the Leafe.

Tripp said...

Yep, you will need to read some of that book I think.