Sunday, October 15, 2006

More food

First of all thanks to Brack for his idea of the Applesauce snack cake. Sorry for the prick tease of a link. It give the description, but the recipe is just for subscribers. Grrr. Anyway, the recipe is interesting. It mixes applesauce (unsweetened, natch) dried apples and apple cider. You reduce the cider with the dried apples. This sucks the rich cider into the apples. I wonder if this would work with cross-fruit combos. I think orange juice and dried mango would do rather well. BTW, watch out for the Costco dried apples, they are coated in sugar.

If you like reading the food blogs, you should check out Chocolate & Zucchini. The writer is French and has all sorts of interesting ideas, like this spiced chocolate peanut butter spread. It sounds rather delightful. Back in my livin' in China days, I bought something called peanut butter, that was actually some sort of peanut butter chili combo. It was astoundingly good, and I never found it again. I should try making that.

Speaking of spreads, you should really try the almond butter at Trader Joe's. It has no added sugar but still packs a hell of a flavor punch. A lot of almond butters will clock in at ten bones, but you can get it TJ's for five. I am thinking of swapping it out for peanut butter in the holiday cookie recipes. Maybe this year my cookies won't suck.

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