Thursday, October 12, 2006

Angels fall to earth

I can tell when it is time to put down a book. When my pages read per reading session drop to around ten, the book isn't working for me. Sometimes, I will press on, but this is a bad idea. I find it better to pick up something I want to read more. I continue to acquire new books which I will never read because I spend too much time reading books on which I am none too keen.

It's been awhile since I gave up on a book, but Metropolitan. The atmosopher is appropriate I suppose as Venice has the air of decay about it, and does feel like a refugee from another time. If you are greatly interested in Venice maye you could try it. Or just read A Death in Venice.

You could always look at the nominees for the National Book Award. The Millions has them laid out. It is full of books that are completely new to me. I clearly have not been paying attention to the literary fiction world.

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