Monday, October 23, 2006

Three things that don't go together

Agony Column has a long audio interview with Scott Smith about his book, the Ruins. They get crazy with the spoilers so don't listen if you haven't read the book yet. The book is divisive, for a horror novel at least. Powells and Esquire love it, for example, while Bookslut (spoilers aplenty) hates it with a cold fury. I quite enjoyed it myself.

Checkout the fancy packaging on this Malyasian version of Kit Kat. Reference is made of a pumpkin Kit Kat as well.

If you have some spare cycles, take a peek at Richard Haass's take on the Middle East. Haass is a centrist and the head of the bi-partisan Council for Foreign Relations. This means his take is sober, complicated and will not appeal to a strongly ideological point of view. I like that he splits out internal and external drivers of change and provides meaningful policy guidance.

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