Thursday, October 19, 2006


Joanna has a lengthy post on the origins of candy corn, followed by a taste test. The winner is a little surprising as it is the least expensive (on a per pound basis.) Candy corn is a tasty treat, but I think I like it best on Halloween sugar cookies. When I was but a wee tot, I was quite fond of the fall candy mix which contained the orange flavored pumpkin, the maple flavored wheat sheaf (or was it the banana flavored one) and the chocolate flavored cat. I think I'd rather just have candy corn at this point.

Today the Oregonian carried a story about the house we call the holiday house. For a number of the major holidays (4th of July, Christmas, and Presidents?) they put out a lot of decorations. The Halloween one is the biggest though. As the article says, school buses show up to drop kids off here on Halloween night. Lucky for us, we can just walk. These folks buy $800 in candy every year and if you are lucky you get an invite inside. When our twins went as Princess and the Pea, we got our picture taken by the owners. I'm not sure the costumes are going to hit that bar this time.


jo said...

So when you say "lengthy", do you mean that it's superflous? I actaully found it difficult to curb my words to 1400. There is just too much to say on the subject.

If you get a chance to try my #1 pick (Target OR Zachary, the latter can be purchased at Fred Meyer) let me know what you think. CC preferences, like anything else, are so subjective. But the Jelly Belly is just BAD. No argument. It sucks.

Tripp said...

ooops, No I meant "filled with lots of great information that you really should read."

Glad to hear they are at FM's. I prefer Target but don't get out there much.

Now that we are passed the 15th I guess your moratorium on Halloween candy is passed, yes?