Friday, October 20, 2006


Ok, this isn't for everyone, but John Hodgman of The Areas of My Expertise, the PC Guy vs. Mac Guy ads and the Daily Show had a chat on the Washington Post. Go ahead and click, but if you want a taste,

Washington, D.C.: When you were in college (being so smart, did you ever need to go to college? Or did they just heap degrees on you every time you left your house?) and had to write a paper due the next day that you just couldn't bring yourself to start, what did you do?

John Hodgman: I usually forced myself away from the online chats with authors of books of fake trivia that I was using to procrastinate and just sat down and did it.

That is all.

His bit on Lost is great too.


Ayun Halliday said...

This is just the bite in the heiner I need to...procrastinate some more.

And for a second, I thought, "GodDAMNit, he's on Lost, too?! Some guys have all the luck!"

Tripp said...

Indeed, while you are at it, be sure to check the many other transcripts. Be particularly wary of Michael Dirda's Wednesday book chats. They will pull you into a time-killing spiral.

Wouldn't he be great as a very strange Other?