Friday, October 06, 2006

And to think I hesitated

So I almost didn't go to the Friends of the Multnomah County Library book sale. I was feeling tired, and wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money to become a member (friday night being members only you see) Then I realized that it was my civic duty to join and I happily went.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to your local library's member night sale, go to it. I had to put away books because I couldn't carry any more. Among my treasures:

Alan Morehead's White Nile. One of the classics of the explorer genre. He is tad un-PC by today's standards so beware if that is an issue for you.

Rick Atkinson's Crusade. One of the better Gulf War 1 histories. It may also have be the last of the big tank vs. tank wars in history. I say this as the DPRK gets ready to possibly blow up a nuke. Then it will be tank-a-palooza over on the 38th Parallel.

Peter Hamilton's Judas Unchained. Hamilton specializes in the most operatic of space opera. Everything is big big big just like this 827 page monster. If it is anything like the first book, it will be well worth it.

Gary Shteyngart Russian Debutante's Handbook. I've heard this is awesome.

Some Bernard Cornwell books. I confess that I used to look down on Cornwell. I thought anyone who churned them out as fast he does couldn't do that good a job. Silly me. I read one and loved it.

And many more including a David Liss, Chalmers Johnson, Roger Zelazny and Peter Mayle. Like I said, they started to get heavy.

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