Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Freedom of choice

Via Powells I see the book publishing world is concerned that there may be too many big name author books coming out this fall. Well lots of books is great news for consumers and retailers, but shouldn't it be good for publishers too? I would think most of them have a portfolio of names and at least one or two should hit it big for each of them. I suppose it could be a winner take all effect as well. In any case, most people will be pleased at their choices.

One of the current choices is the new Bob Woodward book on the war. So far a lot of the talk seems to be about how Woodward has taken a different tack than in prior books on Bush. Namely that now Woodward tells us the Bush team is dangerous while before they were great. I think Ross Douthat has the right idea, that Bush is the same as always but in new circumstances his approach is truly bad. In any case, the focus should be on the surprising content. The book is so negative that it has this Republican saying we really need to vote in the Dems in Nov.

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