Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fun on the Oregon Coast

We spent the weekend on the Oregon Coast and amazingly it was like a summer day. An Oregon summer day, which meant it was in the 70s, and there was no way in hell you could swim. But still, incredibly gorgeous, especially Hug Point. I just now learned that Hug Point is prominent in crop circle, um, circles thanks to it, no doubt UFO-related, sandrings.

Anyway, one of our fave spots in Gearhart, where we normally stay, is Pop's Sweet Shop. It appears to be yet another beach town ice cream shop, albeit with a cheerier staff. They have what you would expect, fudge, taffy, Tillamook ice cream and espresso. The big attraction though is the scone. They make them at the shop and match them with an appropriate jam. The basic scone is a plain scone with raspberry jam. I also tried the cranberry scone with marmalade. Sometimes they just have the basic. Don't worry, it's awesome. So soft, flaky and warm, you will be thrilled when you try it.

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