Sunday, October 15, 2006

Star Wars at OMSI

If you live in Portland and you like Star Wars, you should go to the the OMSI Star Wars exhibit. It's large, it has props from the movies and the interactive elements are actually quite good. In one you learn about robots. There are three stages and in each you learn a little bit more and do a little bit more. At the end you program a robot and send it around a small track. There is also an interactive bit on virtual reality and using magnets to levitate and move. If you are bringing kids, try to go in the work week, take the day off if you have to do it. The crowd is not small.

If you do go, keep your eyes peeled for the Cloud City Garrison of the 501st Legion. The storm troopers definately gave my daughter pause. Boba Fett even more so. These people aren't just going down to target to get their storm trooper costumes. Take a look at what they do to make the uniforms.

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