Monday, October 09, 2006

Playing songs that bring tears to my eyes

I know that radio has been bad for quite a few years now, but some things still bother me. The one thing that drives me most crazy is how the stations (since they are all owned by one or two companies) will pull some oldie (meaning an alterna-hit of the 80s on a rock station) out of the database and play the crap out of it for a few months before putting it to bed. I guess it is too hard to randomize the oldies.

What drives me even crazier is that I cannot escape Jane Says. It’s not even close to the best Jane’s Addiction song and I have heard it enough times that never again sounds good right now. There are plenty of good songs available that get little to no play, and I want to promote them.

San Francisco - Scott McKenzie. This song should not work. You can see the hippies in circles clapping along. In the conformist hippie way, we are commanded to wear flowers. And that way out of date break should kill it. But the song is just about perfect. Don’t worry, I’m not going all patchouli on you. If I had a Hammer still makes me want to destroy. And always will.

Dead Heart – Midnight Oil This song is so much better than Beds Are Burning, but gets very little love on the radio. If I had to guess, it would be the relative paucity of Peter Garrett I’ll Believe in Anything Wolf Parade I know it is asking a lot for a quirky indie rock song to get played on the radio. But this one is so friendly and engaging, that it would fit nicely into many a playlist.

Blood on our Hands - Death from Above 1979 Why did the somewhat derivative Blood on our Hands get little or no airplay when the similar but completely derivative


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with what you wrote about Jane Says. I want to put my fist through the radio whenever it comes on. And I say that as a huge Jane's Addiction fan. And Nothing's Shocking is one of my all-time favorite albums. But why does that song get played to death? Even WHFS (RIP)overplayed it (both in their pre- and post- corporate days). What about Ocean Size? Mountain Song? Pig's in Zen? Had a Dad? Standing in the Shower Thinking?

Tripp said...

It's annoying given how good the rest of that album is. As you noted. This helps Dave Navarro enjoy his rock and roll lifestyle though.