Thursday, October 05, 2006

Food things

The Post has a story about one man's encounter with Trader Joe's. The most interesting bit is the corporate history. There was in fact, a Trader Joe. Essentially the writer had a bad first encounter but was partially won back. The writer identifies a number of strengths including snack foods, meat and Asian frozen food. Produce is just plain bad there, it is true. He gets mad that the $4 wine he bought didn't go over well with the guests. Dude, you should never, ever put out a sub-$10 bottle of wine for guests without trying it.

To truly like Trader Joe's I think you have to be a multi-grocery store person. You just can't get everything you need there. I go to four grocery stores myself, including:

Safeway: For most purchases
New Seasons: Produce, fish, sausage, cheese and Ruby Jewels.
Trader Joe's: Nuts, cereal, meat, weird juice and chocolate bars. Valhrona for $3 is a steal.
Beaumont Market: Last minute needs, beer (so good here) and Grand Central Baking bread.

Everyone is getting on the salty sweet train. If you haven't had the pleasure of salty caramel, here is a recipe. Or if you live in Portland just go to Sahagun. Here's a salty sweet idea that is just crazy enough to work, Salty Peppermint bark.

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