Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rock like you mean it

I caught the Killers last night. I'd written them off as a poseur band, but I liked the show. It was good straight ahead rock, if a bit too loud. The strangest thing was the crowd. I was sure it would be all young 20-somethings, but the mean was probably closer to 30. The crowd favorite? Not terribly surprising, All These Things I've Done. Click this video to see someone who has overlaid the song to scenes from Lost. Seriously that song could be the theme song for the show. Haters should have a listen to Smile Like You Mean It.

Also wierd was that the guitarist looked like Duff McKagan, if Duff had joined Poison instead of GNR.


Anonymous said...

The Smoking Gun has the band's rider posted today.

Tripp said...

That is pretty amusing. I like that they have upgraded to Brie from cheddar. Their beer selection remains more populist, preferring Coors over something a little more interesting.

I like the stipulation that the towels be lint free.