Friday, October 20, 2006


Christopher Hitchens has an interesting review of the reissue of Alaistair Horne's Savage War of Peace. He discusses how appropriate it is to compare the Algerian War to the Iraqi war. The book was out of print for awhile, so it is good to see it back. My copy, which sits in the kitchen bookshelves, glowers at me every time I eat a meal.

Void Magazine has an amusing bit on non-existent literary sequels, like:

Electric Kool-Aid Beta Test Tom Wolfe returns to San Francisco to find the merry-pranksters have established their own start-up e-auction business, made $240 million off the IPO, bought Jettas, and spend their time sulking around Marin County McMansions. (Via Grumpy Old Bookman)

Then we have this collection of completely Not Safe For Work album covers.

Here is a good piece from the FT on all the recent Iraq war as Tet talk. The last line is great, in a black humor sort of way.


lisa_emily said...

hahaha! I just finished reading Nausea- so I found that a bit funny.

and yes, those album covers- not good for work. I had to immediately cloes after opening. So much public pubic hair!!!

Tripp said...

Yes I really wasn't kidding on that one. We're not talking mildly provocative here.