Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Peter Jackson is up to next

This Guardian article has the details. First up is the Lovely Bones, which should be worth watching. The next will be Temeraire, a novel about....dragons fighting in the Napoleonic Wars. Yes, sure it sounds juvenile and silly, but how about a story about hobbits, wizards and elves? Anyway, the (author-selected) review snippets look quite good.

The author of the book was involved in the coding of one of my favorite computer games, Neverwinter Nights, Shadow of Undrentide. And no, I didn't know that, it was in the article.

To complete the nerd trifecta, and bring it back to Napoleon, I played a rather fun game about the Napoleonic wars this evening. It's called Age of Napoleon and it has just enough detail to give it real flavor, but not enough to bog it down in rules lawyer fights. Like Ticket to Ride, it forces you to make difficult trade-offs too. If you like the time period, check it out.

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