Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It is your destiny

Julian Sanchez has some good posts up right now. I like this one regarding Chuck Klosterman. Here's a taste:

I wish I could detest Chuck Klosterman. Liking him feels obvious, a kind of demographic obligation—as though I'd watched that Nissan commercial where "Gravity Rides Everything" plays in the background and realized I really want a minivan. If mad Brazillian geneticists had plugged the vital statistics about myself and my ten best friends into some trend analysis machine and sought to engineer a Kwisatz Haderach ├╝berwriter we'd all run swooning to hear read at Politics & Prose, Chuck Klosterman would've stepped glistening naked from the vat.

This bit on Pitchfork is good as well.

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Brack said...

Forget Pitchfork; MRR has got it on lockdown: