Saturday, September 09, 2006

Instead of time, there will be lateness

I enjoyed the rare opportunity of seeing the Silver Jews last night. Since the show started at midnight, I was a tad too sleepy to fully enjoy it. The perils of growing old. Still, I am glad I made it. The best part was seeing David (He insisted it was David, not Dave) Berman make peculiar comments during the banter periods. Most were strange and near-unintelligible, but instead of collapsing into Cat Power-train-wreck-land, it somehow fit into his mad poet vibe. He did have one joke about German food. He said it was good, but two hours later you are hungry for power. Ba Dum Bum.

The song selection was good, with something from every album. He hit one of my faves, Trains Across the Sea, which you can see from this show earlier in the year. The sound quality at the show wasn't the best, but that may have been where we were standing.

There was one odd note. There were two young ladies dancing like they were at a Kelly Clarkson show. That's not a dis by the way, the greatness of Since U Been Gone is denied only by people who are afraid of looking uncool. But you don't see that exaggerated, space taking dance style at indie rock shows. They knew ALL the words, to theTanglewood Numbers songs at least, so they were just expressing their enjoyment. Compare that to most indie show attendees for whom a slowly moving head and perhaps a bouncing foot is an indication they are FEELING it. I'm not in a band, but if I was playing I think I would rather see people getting crazy than a bunch of bouncing heads.

If you are unfamiliar with the band, I would recommend American Water. Most of the others would be a good starting point, with the exception of The Natural Bridge. While it has what is one of their best song, How To Rent A Room, it is overall not that great. Here is the official video for "I'm Getting Back into Getting Back Into You." So check that out if you are unaware of their sound.

Stephen Malkmus opened solo (not with some new non-Jicks band, but all by himself with an acoustic). He played a number of new items, some unfinished. Based on what I heard, I think the next album will be good. He also played Trigger Cut and a pair off of Watery, Domestic. You can imagine the reaction from the audience.

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