Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back to the well

Excellent news on the Philip Kerr front. His new book, the One From the Other, is the fourth in his Bernard Gunter series. Kerr wrote three excellent mysteries involving a good German cop trapped in Nazi Germany and its aftermath. His follow on work seemed like Crichton copies for the most part, and paled in comparison to these mysteries. So is this a return to form or wrecking of earlier greatness? Kirkus at least, loved it. I can whole heartedly recommend the first three books. They are short and bleak, a Nazi noir, if you will.

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Brack said...

In the same alt. history + WW2 + crime vein, "Fatherland" by Robert Harris (also wrote Imperium and Pompeii) and "SSGB" by Len Deighton are both great.