Friday, September 01, 2006

Decline of western civilization, part 712

How did I not hear about this before now? I know certain parties would argue for 24 (with its teeny tiny protagonist, the almost ex-Mr. Julia Roberts), but Deadwood is the best show on television. Every one of the main characters (even - perhaps especially - the fat newspaper editor) would eat Jack Bauer for breakfast.

Man, first the Fat Boys break up, now this.


Tripp said...


You dare to question the great Jack Bauer and all his multi-facted awesomeness? He got addicted to smack to save his nation! He has a cell phone that works everywhere! He doesn't take any crap from the bureau-crat man! And he bathes!

Yes Deadwood is good, but best show on TV? All I can say is that I watched the entire first season of 24 in a week.

I am similarly hooked to season 1 of Lost. Very engaging stuff. I like the Shield and Battlestar a lot, but not as much as Lost or 24. Deadwood is in the exalted ranks too

Steve said...

Damn it Tripp, I was all geared up for a slap fest and then you made me laugh. Do I dare speculate on your employment status during the referenced 24 marathon?

Tripp said...

Amazingly I was fully employed during said viewing experience. I managed it in three-4 hour blocks in evening. Like I said, this stuff is CRACK.

Brack said...

I too got hooked on 24 and burned through the first three seasons in a few weeks. I wonder if the Federal Employees Compensation Act covers those hapless CTU folks who get pulled into the interrogation rooms for a little "How's your Father" during the semi-regular mole hunts.

I have not yet succumbed to Deadwood, although Entourage and Rome are both high on my list.

Tripp said...

I've been saving Season 4 for some free time. It would have been now, but since I just got Lost from the library (after 8 months on the waiting list!!!) I figured I better hop on that.

My rents have the right strategery for TV on DVD, use Netflix.