Monday, September 04, 2006

And where I go, I hope there's Rum

So I am reading Fiasco, but I swear I can only take it in small doses. About every half an hour, I want do one of these, except with Rumsfeld, faith, Bremer or some other person as the object of my ire. So while it remains a truly excellent book, at this point the most indispensable book on the Iraq war, I can only take so much.

So I am cutting the sadness by reading a book about sweet, sweet booze. And a Bottle of Rum is an enjoyable read so far. The author tells the history of Rum through the ages with a different cocktail serving as each chapter head. He describes rum as the true American booze. Unlike bourbon, which is highly regulated and controlled, rum has risen and fallen, adapted with the times and changed its nature to suit the market. What could be more USA? As befits the subject, the writing is humorous as well, without being silly. More on the book later, but if your appetite is whetted, have a look at Spirit World's rum articles.


Steve said...

I'm 2/3 of the way through Fiasco and have had to break to read two other books so far. So, so, so depressing to see such criminal stupidity.

Tripp said...

Yes. What kills me is that it would be better if the lefties were right and Dr. Evil and his laughing henchmen were sitting in the White House.

Instead we have bad assumptions on top of bad assumptions, ass covering, unbelievable arrogance, and ideological motivations.

A lot of it is just mind boggling.