Monday, September 11, 2006

Munich reprise

What does an author whose star has begun to fade do? Why, go back to the well of course. My cynicism at hearing that Philip Kerr has reprised his Bernie Gunther character (the protagonist of his unparalleled Berlin Noir trilogy) is more than balanced by the hope that the new one will be good. With Dennis Lehane republishing old stories and Robert Crais awol, let's all hope Kerr has recovered his old touch.

Speaking of Dennis Lehane, I keep hearing that The Wire is the best written show on television (when we all know that honor goes to Deadwood or some trifling fare starring the perpetually tense and notably short Kiefer Sutherland, depending on your audience). Turns out that Lehane and George Pelecanos have served as guest writers for the series (although I understand that they have each penned an episode or two, which makes HBO's practice of listing them as "writers" somewhat deceptive) - I may have to tune in. Notice Ed Burns' name in there as well - not sure if that is good or bad, although his turn in Entourage was well done.


Brack said...

Also speaking of Dennis Lehane, are you anxiously awaiting Ben Affleck's vision of Gone, Baby, Gone?

Tripp said...

Kenneth Turan (the LA Times film critic you can hear on NPR) is a fan of the first three books, but is less keen on the new one.,0,6405076.story?coll=cl-nav-movies

Tripp said...

The post is keen though.