Thursday, September 21, 2006

Can't you smell that smell

They could taste like Valomilk/salted caramel ice cream for all I know, but there is no way I am putting something called Lifesavers Musk in my mouth. I have plenty of associations with musk and none of them have to do with food.


Brack said...

I choked down half a Marshmallow Take 5 last night. The second half I spat back into the wrapper.

It took half a bag of Buffalo Wing Thunder Chips to get the taste out of my mouth.

Tripp said...

What possessed you to try the wicked Take 5 again? Did you think the marshmallow would somehow compensate for the crappiness of the whole product?

Speaking of chips, have you had Blair's Death Rain Chips? They are really, really hot. They do have a crab chip, which is one of my top chips.

Here is a review of one of them:

Brack said...

I am intrigued by these Death Rain chips, they look rather saucy. But since I am a man of the people, perhaps I shall stick with the new habanero Doritos.

Tripp said...

Ever the tribune, that's our Brack. The Death Rain chips come in the smaller bag so you can get both!