Friday, September 15, 2006

Vids for the weekend

I was really pissed at all the PDX cyclists today. No one ever signals that they are passing. OK like 5% do, maybe. I was feeling like Dave Grohl at minute 1:33 in this video. Sadly I could not grow a giant hand as he could.

Anyway that got me thinking about videos. No organizing principle, but after the freak video I posted below, I must make penance with some good ones:

Faith No More: A Small Victory. It shouldn't bother me, but it does. Pretty cool video too.

Cheap Trick: She's Tight. I thought this song was amazingly dirty, when I was 12.

Roger McGuinn: King of the Hill. So awesome, esp when Petty comes in mid-way through the song. And the video's got the guy from SNL who said fuck on TV.

Soundgarden: Big Dumb Sex. I double dog dare you to play this really loud at work.

Tool: Prison Sex. This one will give you nightmares.

Grandaddy: Walk Up the Side of the Mountain. After that last one, I too want to try to be nice to everyone. And who knows? Maybe prance all about a local peak dressed as a bunny.

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