Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another one for the pile

There are some non-fiction authors whose writing is so good, that I will read any of their books no matter what the subject. One of those is John McPhee. His books range over topics like citrus fruit, Alaska and the underground art market in Soviet Russia. I may be wrong, but I think Hampton Sides is another one of these authors. His last book, Ghost Soldiers, was an incredibly accessible story about the rescue of American POWs from behind Japanese held lines. My wife, who has little to no taste for military related topics, could not put this down. It's moving, it's exciting and you will love it. I swear.

Sides has a new book coming out called Blood and Thunder. It is about the end of the Navajo nation. He apparently uses Kit Carson as the anchor to his story. I am not normally attracted to the stories of the Old West, which is a little odd, as the Southwest is one of my favorite regions. In any case, it's not a go-to subject for me. This one is now on the must go get list, which is the virtual counterpart to my already weighty reading list.

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