Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kit Kat sadness

I have been pleased with nearly all the limited edition Kit Kats, they have been fun twists on the basic chocolate covered cookie concept. Hershey therefore surprised me with awfulness that is the chocolate mocha version. I'm not sure why they call it mocha, it is mostly a rancid coffee taste. The sort of coffee you find at rarely visited convenience stores. In a pot that has clearly not been touched for hours. If it is mocha, it is the kind in 99 cent mocha machine you find next to the nacho cheese dispenser in the same convenience store. Just not at all good. And it overpowers the chocolate to the point that I couldn't taste it.

What's worse is that the label looks a lot like the one for the malt flavored Milk Shake which I really quite like. Cybele at Candy Blog flat out hated the milk shake, although her description made me think of the dreadful coffee mocha. This makes me think that the flavors might be randomly switched.


Anonymous said...

I quite like the Mocha Kit Kats... But did you say there is a 'milkshake' flavor?! I haven't seen it, I must keep an eye out for it though.

Tripp said...

Try drugstores, they seem to carry the wider range of limited editions.

As the links showed, there is a wide range of opinion on the Kit Kats. I for one quite like the orange cream, but I can understand those who do not.