Friday, September 01, 2006

The last American statesman (?)

A good story about Rudy Giuliani here. I debated my mother in law recently (to the extent you can characterize hitting your head on a wall "debate") about whether any sane person could vote Republican in 2008, given the GOP's trip down the rabbit hole over the past 6 years. Rudy could be the exception but there is no way he will survive the primaries. At the rate we are going, the Bush junta will seize power under some previously unknown inherent executive authority in late 2007 anyway, so perhaps the issue is moot.

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Tripp said...

No doubt Alberto Gonzales is hard at work making up some new justification for Prez for life. This will be based on the secret constitution that we are not allowed to see.

I think someone could get their head around voting Elephant if they thought that the next admin brought the sane part of the party back into town.

This bodes well