Monday, September 04, 2006

Another place for parents in Portland

Portland is pretty kid friendly as cities go, but not every place in Portland is kid friendly. In many places you get a sneer when you bring the little ones. So I was happy when reading, um, Urban Mamas, and heard about Sip N Kranz. It's a nice coffee shop with its own baked goods, as well as some from Saint Cupcake and Black Sheep Bakery (which are vegan and hence, not for me.) They have a giant kid's play area, easily the biggest I have seen in Portland. But the most important thing is that is on Jamison Square, with the great fountain. It's a win-win, the kids get to play and the parents can get some food and drink, soon to be real drink as Sip N Kranz is getting a liquor license. They were very friendly and I thought the scone was very good. The crowd is a bit odd with parents and young kids as well as Pearl District yupsters. Still, a very good place.


Anonymous said...

Was at Sip and kranz today. I don't have any kids.. loved it! Sat and read a great book, there were mostly adults, (afternoon)..great coffee!!

Tripp said...

Yes it surprisingly nice for both those with kids and without.